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 Latest News

18 May, 2002
Funixfs is partially implemented. We can find a file in a directory and read it's content. mkfs.funix is written. This program is used to create a funixfs filesystem on a device. fcp is written. This program is used to copy a file from a linux system to funixfs filesystem. kmalloc and kfree pair are implemented. Now we can dynamically allocate memory for the kernel.

18 March, 2002
Floppy driver is partially ready. It can read raw bytes from the device. Now it is time to implement a file system. Then we can boot kernel from a directory.

16 March, 2002
Programmable Interval Timer is ready. Funix now can calculate the uptime. The variable that holds the timer tick is called uptime. It is increased in every 10 msec. So it can keep time up to 49 days as it is an unsigned long variable.

24 February, 2002
Paging and interrupt handling is ready. Also keyboard driver and console display is ready. printk and vsprintf is also implemented.

13 January, 2002
First release of funix. It can now boot and jump to protected mode and can call the C code that only prints a fake login shell.