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 Welcome to FUNIX

   This is the internet site of FUNIX. Funix is an educational operating system for IA-32 architecture. Since I am not an OS guru, Funix is my journey to learn, the inner workings of the Intel architecture and fundamentals of a modern operating system.

    The beauty of opensource software is the opportunity to examine the code to improve yourself. But the code is not enough to understand when it comes to a subject like Operating Systems. Because you need a solid background of operating system concepts and machine architecture to understand what the code does.

   You can find many opensource OS projects on the net. But none of them at least none of the ones I found :), provide enough information about OS concepts or machine architecture. This project will follow a step by step aproach. Documents will try to give the background first and then give examples from the source code, starting from the first versions of the operating system to the latest versions.

   Finally I can say the main purpose of this project is to provide a background for kernelnewbies and wannabies.

- Faik Yalcin Uygur      

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